World Cup of Outdoor Living Products

World Cup of Outdoor Living Products

Hands-on Education in Developing an Outdoor Living Space

The World Cup of Outdoor Living was a customer-focused event that did not feature sales pitches or long, drawn-out talks. Instead, attendees get to learn best practices, installation techniques and selling points in small group settings. Vendor representatives from Broan-NuTone, Aquascape, FX Luminaire and Sonance were on site to provide expert advice and answer any questions that the contractors had. 

Similar to a classroom environment, fewer students often produces a more focused and tailored learning experience. Each contractor customer has the freedom and ability to ask as many questions as they’d like. No one has to throw elbows to get to the front of the demonstration. Forget a sales pitch — the focus of the event was to showcase best practices and provide a hands-on feel for the installation process, everything from labor expectations to incorporating accessories.

At Reinders, we pride ourselves on offering our customers value by attending events like the World Cup of Outdoor Living. We hope the educational opportunities extend and improve the scope of your business. Below is a breakdown of the various products that were used to transform the ordinary backyard into an oasis. 


Scalloped Urn Fountain from Aquascape

The idea of a water feature in your backyard probably seems far off. They’re expensive, the installation process is exhausting and the feature is a pain to maintain, right? Wrong.

A natural-looking urn fountain is much easier to install than you might think. The urn is made of a durable, lightweight fiberglass-resin that provides the look of real ceramic. Equipped with a sturdy 98-Gallon AquaBasin, the Scalloped Urn Fountain Kit is as close to “plug and play” as it comes in the water feature market.

Saving you the headache of piecing together individual products, the kit includes all supplies needed for installation: urn, water basin, pump, foam sealant and vinyl tubing. Installation should only take one to two hours with a small crew. For maximum visibility and enjoyment, locations near a deck or patio are ideal for installation. Quick and easy installation with little to no future maintenance means this water feature is a great choice for any homeowner. 

"You can really make an impact on the outside of someone's four-seasons room for very little. You can make the most of their money."

FX Luxor ZDC Lighting System

Have complete control over the zoning, dimming and color of your landscape lighting system with FX Luminaire’s Luxor ZDC Lighting System. The opportunities for unique lighting displays are endless  — make subtle changes to include team or company colors, or customize the colors around holidays and special events.

The ability to access over 30,000 colors via RGBW LED technology is unique and offers homeowners complete control over the customization, timing and schedules of your lights. Best of all, you’ll have all the power at the touch of a finger. Luxor’s WiFi app connects with your fixtures wirelessly.

Luxor offers complete control of your landscape lighting from your phone

NuTone Haven's Backyard Mosquito System

We all deserve to enjoy our backyard gatherings free of pests and bugs — protect the patio this summer with the NuTone Haven Repellent system. Consisting of 12-volt fixtures and catridges, the Haven system is best suited to encapsulate the gathering or patio area. Each 24ml Haven Repellent Cartridge provides 90 days of mosquito protection when used for 2-1/2 hours per day. Save yourself the hassle of constantly changing batteries, refilling butane or cleaning up messy sprays. 

The system is compatible with an optional Timer/Controller for more flexibility and control over the fixtures. This allows you to program the fixtures for use in relation to the time of day or by solar sensor.

Party starts at 7 p.m.? Set the fixtures to kick on at 6:30 p.m. to ensure a mosquito-free zone upon your guests arrival.

Sonarray Outdoor Audio System

The best thing about the Sonarray Outdoor Audio System? You’ll hear it before you see it — actually, you won’t see it at all. Sonarray is designed to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The sound permeates through your garden, plants or deck area to immerse your landscape with crisp, clear tunes.

Eight satellite speakers and a below-ground subwoofer fill areas of up to 2000 square feet with crystal clear, evenly distributed audio. Unlike most landscape audio systems, Sonarray is able to be hidden amongst the plants, shrubs and any other items found in a garden or landscape.

Made from a natural earth tone color-molded composite, Sonarray speakers are immune to chips and scratches and won’t corrode over time. Once the speakers and subwoofer are hidden, it will seem as if the audio is radiating from the garden.  

Zentro Fire Pit by Breeo

The Zentro fire pit is designed to fit inside a pre-built stone, paver or block fire ring. The Zentro fits snug and looks natural inside the stone ring. The external layer of stone (or whatever material you choose) prevents dents, dings and overall wear and tear on the fire pit. 

You can enjoy the comfort of a bonfire without the annoying billows of smoke following you from spot to spot around the fire pit. Using a secondary afterburner, the Zentro drastically reduces the smoke by igniting it before it has a chance to be emitted. 

The Zentro Fire Pit is multi-functional. Not only can you enjoy bonfires, you can cook and grill pretty much anything imaginable. With the addition of a few accessories like a mounting pole and swing-away grill grate, the cooking options are endless — steaks, chickens, eggs, bacon, soups, stews and more. 

Is an Outdoor Living Space Feasible?

An outdoor living space doesn’t need to incorporate every one of the features listed — it can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. The most common deterrents to jumping into a outdoor living project seem to be a fear of the financial investment and that the scope of the project would be massive.

While those thoughts can certainly ring true with larger-scale projects, the average homeowner would be surprised to find out that the addition of just a few features can do wonders to impact their backyard space. Start small and figure out what works for each project. There’s truly no price you can put on the improvement in quality of life you’ll experience spending time with your friends and family in your outdoor space. 

Interested in Reinders educational opportunities? Let us know.

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