Year in Review: Best Blogs of 2023

This year, we leveraged our product and industry experts to create educational and reliable resources for our customers! 

What factors are important when choosing a wetting agent?  When is the best time to plant grass seed?  How can I protect my lawn during a super-hot summer?  This year, we’ve shared the answers to these questions and so much more.

While we’re developing more great, comprehensive content in 2024, here are some of the best blogs of 2023!

Planting Thru Water Blog - Best Email 2

Reinders has a long history of developing and selling quality grass seed, so this is a must-read for all landscapers! Our in-house experts created a detailed guide for successfully planting grass seed, including how to select seed, the best time to plant, and the different varieties available.  

Want to add some showstopping color to your water feature without blowing your entire annual budget?  Our fountain team has the perfect solution: an aerating fountain with customizable color!

It’s never too early to start planning!  Learn how to make the best, most efficient use of your water supply next season with the right wetting agent.  Our turfgrass team offers helpful insights into what type of wetting agent to use and when!

The most important aspect of creating and maintaining healthy and vibrant turfgrass is by focusing on what’s below ground, not above.  Our experts have compiled a comprehensive guide to managing your root growth during the summer months.  

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